Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences Infotainment Series

Whether you want to know more about what dictates the way we make decisions in our life or how to deal with parenting dilemmas that present themselves during the various developmental stages of a child, our blog present mind-expanding content to resolve your everyday curiosity about human behaviour.

Eating Disorder : A Perfect Body Mirage

Healthy Eating : What's on your plate?

5 Effective Ways of Time Management

Other JIBS Blogs

Crime Scene to Court Room

A student-led blog for aspiring lawyers to understand how scientific analyses and advancements can be used in the court room and within the criminal justice system. Whether you want to know more about the role of digital technology in solving crimes or the science behind Batman's forensic prowess, the blog presents some interesting reads for all!

Critical Victimologist

This blog is focused on victimological studies, with a special focus on abuse of power and how it translates into societal structures and personal dynamics. With a limelight on the victim, we take a look at the problems and issues faced by minority groups in India and globally, through a critical lens. Interesting discourses are supplemented with recommendations for reforms.

Authored Blogs

Khetrapal, N. (2021). Digitising ethnography for work: the case for a cognitive ethnography of religion, London School of Economics Blog

Khetrapal, N. & Nanda, S. (2021). Emerging Harsh and Controlling Images of ‘God’ in Covid-19. Religious Matters: University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Lakhani, S. (2019). How Indigenous Knowledge Systems can play a crucial role in environment protection and sustainable development (In Indian context). Countercurrents.org