Training Initiatives

JIBS Summer School 2020

Psychology and its Role in Law

Program Details

This five days long certificate course has been designed to supplement the legal training of law undergraduates, and incorporates inter-disciplinarity between the field of law and and psychology. The need of the day is to brings diverse and advanced knowledge in other disciplines to legal expertise in order to inform strategies and arguments effectively in the courtroom.

This foundation course will introduce beginners to the foundations of forensic psychology, brain mapping & lie detection techniques, juvenile psychology and courtroom psychology. All sessions will be held online and delivered by internationally trained instructors and practitioners from various fields.


Application deadline: 10 June, 2020


Open to all undergraduate & post-graduate students​ as well as high school students.​

Duration & Location

22-26 June, 020  (Monday to Friday )

10:00 am –  4:00 pm ( 2 sessions every day)

Due to the COVID-19 precautions, sessions will be held online via Zoom app.


Rs 1500 per participant 

Course fees to be paid via bank transfer.

Featured Modules

Psychology as Evidence

Deviant Psychology of Criminals

Juvenile Deliquency

Forensic Psychology

Courtroom Psychology

Cognitive Bias in Investigations

Cognitive Bias in Decision Making

Brain Mapping & Lie Detection

Eye-Witness Testimony