Events & Activities


‘Safar: The Journey to Success’- Leadership Summit 2019  

19 April 2019

Talk on ‘Age is just a number- Leaders are made every Moment’- Leadership Talk by Ms. Gurleen Kaur
24 April 2019 

‘The Brain During Sleep’ – Leadership Talk by Prof. Birendra N.Mallick (Professor of Neurobiology, Jawaharlal Nehru University)
17 October 2019

‘Biznest 2020’- A two-day Management Fest 
24-25 February 2020

International Conference on Spirituality and Management: From Model to Application 2020
6-7 March 2020

My daily dose of practical Positive Psychology – A 2-week daily dose of Practical Positive Psychology to strengthen our psychological capital (PsyCap) during testing times of Covid-19 outbreak by Dr.  Tithi Bhatnagar

30 March-10 April, 2020

Leadership Lessons in Lockdown – A 5-part series to share the voices and thoughts of some stalwarts who lead large organisations and carry tremendous responsibility on their shoulders with a hope to inspire emerging as well as current leaders through these trying times of Covid-19
April 24-April 30, 2020.

Panel Discussion Webinar on Bois Locker Room: Leadership Perspectives moderated by Dr. Kulpreet Kaur with panellists Ms. Kanika Sachdeva (Vice Principal, Delhi Public School), Dr. Bhavna Chadha (Founder, Adhyapann: The Skills Hub) and Ms. Saadhika Chhabra (Research Associate and Child Development Executive at DLF Foundation)

28 May 2020

Webinar on Co-Living with the Virus: A Small Business Perspective by Mr. Jaishiv Natrajan, Director, Herbological UK

5 June 2020


A Talk on “Leveraging Customer Insight to Outdo Competition” was organized on 13th February 2019 for the students of Jindal Global University. Dr. Olesya Govorun, Senior Director of Customer Strategy & Insights at Pfizer Inc., was the speaker of the day.
The talk was attended by 80 business school students.

A Workshop on “How to Communicate like a Leader” was organized by the executive student members of CLC 
27th February 2019 for the students of Jindal Global University by Ms. Lovelin  a JGBS Student at OPJGU.


Title of the Conference: 15th International Conference on Alternative Perspective and Global Concerns (APGC) Theme: ‘Spirituality and Mysticism’

Collaborator: Alternative Perspective and Global Concerns (APGC), a federally funded nongovernmental organization, Ontario, Canada

Date and Place: 23-24 January 2018 at O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana

Outcome of the Conference: Book is being planned with APGC Founding Members


International Summit on Political Psychology (ISPP) organized on 25-26 October 2016 on topics like Political Dialogues in Contemporary India, Influence of Culture on Security and Decision Making, Deconstructing Ideologies, Ethnicity and Identity in North East India, Isolation and Integration within the State Structure.

The Chief Guest of the event was Dr. Ashish Nandy, a prominent Indian Political Psychologist and Social Theorist. Speakers of the event were Pail Nesbitt Larking from Huron University, Canada; Tereza Capelos, Ipshita Basu both from University of Birmingham, UK; Catarina Kinnvall from Lund University, Sweden; Nicholas Wheeler from University of Birmingham, UK; Nitasha Kaul from University of Westminister; Veena Ravikumar from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi; Dimpy Mahanta from Cotton College State University, Guwahati.

No. of Participants: 45-60 people including Students, Faculty from Pan-India, and Scholars from Delhi University


CLC Weekly Talks

As part of the weekly seminar series, CLC invites renowned Leaders from the Industry and Ministry of India for public lectures and special talks with the students.



Date of Talk



Prof. K.D. Swaraj (VC, Bharatpur University)

15 January 2015

India’s Exchange Rate Policy between Dollars and Indian Rupees


Prof. John Arden

January 2015




Prof. (Dr.) S.P. Sahni

(Principal Director, JIBS, O.P.JGU)

January 2015


Formulation of Vision Statement for JGU


Dr. Arbind Prasad (Director General FICCI)

22 January 2015

Launch of Make in India: its Relevance and Prospects


Mr. Ajay Wali (VP – International Marketing, Novateur Elect. & Digital Systems)

29 January 2015

Challenges of Selling in International Markets, Indian Brand


Mr. Maninder Singh (Head of Roots and Research Pvt. Ltd.)

5 February 2015

‘Marketing – Past, Present & Future’


Col. Prakash Tewari (Head CSR and Education), Jindal Steel Private Limited.

12 February 2015

Relevance of CSR


Dr. Anurag Aggarwal


19 February 2015

“Making a Three-way Marriage Work: A Story of Maths, Biology, and Medicine”


Mr. Kamal Singh

(Director General, National Secretariat, HRD Network)

26 February 2015

Emerging Business in Global Business: Industry Expectations from MBAs


Mr. Sanjeev Arora (MD, Accenture Consulting Pvt. Ltd, India)

12 March 2015

My Journey from Sanjeev to Mr. Arora


Dr. Sudhir Khandelwal (Head, Psychiatry Division, AIIMS)

19 March 2015

How Mental Health of Citizens Contributes Immensely to the Nation’s Progress, Development, and Capital


Mr. B.D. Nathani (MD, Columbus Shoes)

26 March 2015

New Vistas of Luxury Retail” (with a focus on the marketing strategies of Luxury brands)



CLC Talks



Date of Talk



Dr. Bruno Martín Baumeister (Associate Professor in Corporate Law, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid and Visiting Faculty, O.P. Jindal Global University)

22 August 2015

International Corporate Etiquettes


Mr. Anant Kasibhatla (International Trainer, Speaker, Author, and Head, Memory Vision)

12 September 2015

Remember to Succeed: Memory Strategies for Success in the Campus

  • Samplava 2015 – HR Conclave, Leadership Summit And Management Fest was conducted on 20-21 November 2015 on Sub-Themes  Liderazgo (Leadership) And Cambio (Change)

Workshop Series on Soft Skills

  • International Corporate Etiquettes on 22 August, 2015 by Dr. Bruno Martín Baumeister, LL.B. (Madrid), LL.M. (College of Europe), Ph.D. (Saarland), Associate Professor in Corporate Law, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid and Visiting Faculty, O.P. Jindal Global University .

  • Remember to Succeed: Memory Strategies for Success in the Campus and beyond on 12 September 2015 by Mr. Anant Kasibhatla International Trainer, Speaker, Author, and Head, Memory Vision.