JIBS faculty have actively taught several regular courses every semester across the JGU schools. Our expertise is offered in foundational as well as advanced courses on various sub-disciplines within psychology, victimology, criminology, forensic studies and research methods. Apart from this, our faculty are also involved in teaching doctoral level courses.

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Student Workshop by Brian Murphy, 2015

Peer Educator Program

The Peer Educator Program is a pioneering idea that was brought to practice by the JIBS. The student body at JGU is diverse – both by national and international representations. This kind of diversity brings both values and conflicts unseen. Students, especially in the initial years, struggle with coping with various issues of sexuality, stress, work pressure, relationships, peer pressure etc.. The transition to young adulthood is particularly difficult for them and they are often lost without a proper forum to address their concerns. The Peer Educators groups provide a unique solution to such student problems. This forum is an alternate way to address student life issues, especially for those hesitant to reach out for professional help.

Toll Free Helpline

A toll free number (1800 2121 201) can be accessed by school children, parents, teachers and guardians for any kind of assistance - psychological, sociological, educational or legal in nature. This helpline works with the objective of not only providing assistance to the callers but also ensuring their holistic development so as to enable them to lead a self-fulfilling and sustained life. The helpline is looked after by competent professionals who are trained to offer a compassionate and non-judgmental crisis intervention. Our focus is the delivery of early intervention and prevention services. We seek to provide confidential support services by keeping victim’s identity anonymous.