Research Interests

Art therapy, pscyho-linguistics, positive psychology, psychobiography

Dr. Iryna Soroka

Associate Professor and Assistant Director (CLC)

Specialist Diploma (National Pedagogical Dragomanov University); Ph.D. (KROK University, Ukraine)

Dr. Iryna Soroka from Kyiv, Ukraine has been interested in psychology since she was a student, despite the fact that her first education was in the field of linguistics (majored in English language and literature). She actively engaged in studying psychology in 2011, when she enrolled in doctoral studies in organizational psychology (Thesis: “Psychological prevention of conflicts in higher educational institutions”).

Research Experience

In 2012, she won an Erasmus Mundus grant and continued her research in one of the oldest European universities, Pécs University, Hungary. She has participated and presented research papers at various scientific conferences in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia. She took part in exchange programmes and internship in Munich (Germany) and Warsaw (Poland). She is the co-author of two manuals for universities: “Management English” and “Business aspects” and the primary author of “English for psychology students”. She has published more than 20 scientific articles.

Teaching Experience

From 2014 to 2017, she took part in projects by British Council “English for civil servants” (taught at the Ministry of Justice and Cabinet of Ministers, Ukraine). She has trained and given workshops for a wide range of audience aged 14-55 yrs and on different topics, including “Problems of bullying at schools”, “Leadership”, “Time management”, “Conflict management” etc. 


Journal Publications

  1. Soroka I. (2020). Specifics of Teaching Conflict Management Course at University. Modern Approaches to Knowledge Management Development. Ljubljana School of Business, 344-355.

  2. Soroka I. (2019). The ways of researching ESP learners’ needs as seen by teachers of Ukrainian universities. Advanced Education, Special Issue 11.  pp.4-9. DOI: 10.20535/2410-8286.120626  (

  3. Soroka I.A. (2019) Legal English: particularities and challenges of teaching. Aктуальні проблеми філології та перекладознавства : зб. наук. праць / ред. Кол. : Ю.П. Бойко, О. В. Ємець, Л.І. Бєлєхова та ін. Хмельницький : ХНУ, Вип. 15.   p.73 – 76.

  4. Pirozhenko, T., & Soroka, I. (2018). Tendency and Dynamics of Communicative-Speech Development of a Preschool Age Child. Psycholinguistics, 24(1), 289-303. Doi: 10.31470/2309-1797-2018-24-1-289-303


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