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Modi Doctrine: The Foreign Policy of India’s Prime Minister - Demo

Since becoming India’s prime minister in 2014, Narendra Modi has been a tour de force in foreign policymaking. A vastly experienced administrator who has held key public positions as chief minister of an Indian state for more than a decade and now as prime minister, he has always seen value in foreign affairs and devoted special attention to it with his unique entrepreneurial flair and coherent set of ideas. Every realm of Indian foreign policy commercial diplomacy, defence diplomacy, diaspora outreach, cultural diplomacy, geostrategy and soft power has been transformed by him with a sense of destiny not witnessed in recent memory. Indians and people the world over have noticed his star presence and are asking questions like  ‘Why is he investing so much time and energy into promoting India’s international relations and global image’?   ‘What are his vision and goals for India’s role in the world’?’   ‘What kind of distinct techniques define his approach to foreign policy?’  ‘How is he changing India’s self-understanding and preparing it for world affairs?’ This book provides the answers by delving into the mind and method behind Narendra Modi’s avatar as India’s diplomat-in-chief. It argues that under his able watch, India is heading toward great power status in the international order.


“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a visionary leader with a grand strategy for India to become a major power in the world. His passion and dedication to foreign affairs is second to none. Sreeram Chaulia’s book shows in great detail the magic that Modi’s personality and innovative approaches have brought to Indian foreign policy and articulates how he is transforming not just India but international relations at large. This is a must-read volume.” General Vijay Kumar Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs, Government of India “ In a democracy, governments change far more often than foreign policy. Since he came to office in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has, through a startling and sweeping manoeuvre, expanded the depth and breadth of India's engagement with the world, breaking the shackles of conventional thinking and opening the door towards a defining role in the 21st century. Sreeram Chaulia offers impressive insights into and analysis of a transformation in progress.” M.J. Akbar, Minister of State for External Affairs, Government of India “ Sreeram Chaulia’s superb book traces the multiple dimensions of Prime Minister Modi’s foreign policy, his deliberate crafting of a ‘Modi Doctrine,’ his image among the Indian diaspora, his international promotion of the country’s trade and commerce, and his efforts at positioning India as a global power. For anyone interested in understanding India’s international relations in the Modi era, this is an indispensable book.” Mehran Kamrava, Director, Center for International and Regional Studies Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar “ Sreeram Chaulia must be highly commended for his thought-provoking and careful analysis of Prime Minister Modi’s foreign policy. Tracing its origins, nature, and impact, he situates the Modi Doctrine in the context of a unique form of transformative leadership at both the national and global levels. This fresh and engagingbook deserves a wide readership inside and out of India.” Andrew F. Cooper, Professor, Balsillie School of International Affairs Waterloo, Canada “ Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already had a significant impact on India’s foreign relations in just over two years. While there has been a lot of focus on his style of conducting diplomacy, Sreeram Chaulia’s book is the first to delve deep into the substance of his foreign policy approach. This well-written book is likely to be much-debated in the coming years and will set the agenda on India’s ‘new’ foreign policy under Modi.” Harsh V. Pant, Professor of International Relations, King’s College London “ Under Prime Minister Modi’s visionary leadership, India stands at a turning point in history. Few have really grasped just how significant this moment is for India and the world. Sreeram Chaulia’s book is thus a timely and important one, and deserves a wide readership in India and abroad.” Amrita Narlikar, Professor & President, GIGA German Institute of Globaland Area Studies, Hamburg

About the Author

Sreeram Chaulia is Professor and Dean at the Jindal School of International Affairs, O.P. Jindal Global University, in Sonipat, India. He is an eclectic political scientist specialising in both international security and international political economy. He is a contributing editor of People Who Influenced the World (Murray Books, Adelaide, 2005) and the sole author of International Organizations and Civilian Protection: Power, Ideas and Humanitarian Aid in Conflict Zones (I.B. Tauris, London, 2011) and of Politics of the Global Economic Crisis: Regulation, Responsibility and Radicalism (Routledge, New Delhi, London and New York, 2013). He received education from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University; University College, Oxford University; The London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University. He is a leading opinion columnist for Indian newspapers- the Economic Times and the Asian Age- on world affairs and a commentator on international current issues on radio and television in India and abroad. He has worked as an international civilian peacekeeper in the warzones of Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

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Hardcover: 268 pages Publisher: Bloomsbury India; Latest edition (14 September 2016) Language: English ISBN-10: 9386141159 ISBN-13: 978-9386141156 Product Dimensions: 15.3 x 23.4 cm

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