Short Term Courses

Our short-term certificate courses tailor to the needs of young and senior professionals in an emerging, modern workplace environment. Whether it is assessing the needs of the organization and its people or helping teams achieve effective communication, we provide a range of training programs taught by leading experts in the field. We offer both free and paid short-term courses. The costs of the programs listed below include course fees, on-campus executive accommodations and meals during the stay. We also provide custom – designed modules for your specific training needs. For more information on this, please contact Institute Co-ordinator, Dr. Tithi Bhatnagar at

Competency Mapping

3 Days / INR 5000 per person

Competency mapping is the process of identifying key qualities and skills requirements of an organization, and using them for job evaluation, recruitment, training & development, performance, along with talent management and succession planning. This course is designed to educate on various psychometric tests and other management tools, that can be used to understand the organizational strengths and where to reinforce with interventions, on the basis of the assessment results, to optimize growth.

Leadership & Stress Management for Senior Executives

3 Days / INR 5000 per person

This course will help team leaders understand and imbibe the multi-faceted leadership and management skills needed in the modern workplace. This course provides the key behavioural skills essential to your everyday role in building and running the organization. With effective communication and time management, every manager can cater to the interests of the team, the project and the company efficiently.

Management Consulting Fundamentals

5 days / INR 7000 per person

This foundational course aims to enable participants to learn the basic consultancy concepts and their application in business. Participants will learn how to gain a clear understanding of the client/s and their requirements, conduct a need and diagnostics analysis for various business problems, practice several techniques of analysis on a given data set/s, draw logical conclusions and make relevant recommendations.

HR Audit & Analytics (Focus on Competency Mapping)

5 days / INR 7000 per person

The Human Resource Division of any organization is the backbone to the work culture and competencies curated within the institution. Delve into a deeper understanding into the managerial concept & techniques of HR audit & analytics to formulate and implement strategies in human resource organization related to industrial relationships, performance management,competency assessment and framework.

Stress Management & Performance Enhancement

1 day / Free

This course offers a multi-model approach towards understanding and managing stress. It offers an insight into the various symptoms associated with stress, and suggests relaxation techniques and lifestyle changes necessary to combat stress.

Gender Sensitization

1 day / Free

This course will extend insight into gender discourses, gender socialization and its influences on gender attitudes, both positive and negative. This course focuses on how gender related attitudes, roles, stereotypes, and biases are addressed, explored, sensitized and desensitized in our society.

Anger Management

1 day / Free

The aim of this course is to help managers and employees in identifying and helping others with anger management problems and facilitate skills to encourage self-reflection and behavioural changes that support their peers to deal with rage issues.

Effective Communication

1 day / Free

The aim of this workshop is to identify effective communication skills as well as the communication roadblocks, through interactive activities. The workshop can be designed to suit your preferences and can be conducted with specific groups or together.

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