JIBS is committed to continuously expand its interdisciplinary and collaborative research in areas including behavioural sciences, law, forensics, policy making and other disciplines. With a team of spirited researchers and ideating leadership, JIBS supports various research clusters through initiatives that fund research, produce publications, offer fellowships, organize events, and support our teaching curriculum.

Centre for Victimology & Psychological Studies

CVPS is a research centre that studies various aspects of victim and offender psychology and aims to produce constructive research towards holistic rehabilitation of victims. Some of the subjects covered under our research profile include topics such as, euthanasia, death penalty, internet infidelity etc. that deals with the inter-dependency between law and behavioral studies. By understanding the psychological, sociological, cultural and legal aspects of victimology, we propose suggestions for the legislature, policy makers and researchers to assist the victims in the best possible manner. We intend to handhold with NGOs in spreading awareness and training regarding the various aspects of our study.

Centre for Leadership & Change

Established in 2015, CLC aims to contribute in making leadership more effective in a competitive environment, and nurture and inspire budding leaders. It seeks to empower and be the crucible of innovative ideas and individuals in the field to develop leadership skills and foster transformative change in society. Future leaders are sensitized to sustainable growth models by access to a platform where current leaders share their experiences through leadership summits and panel discussions; conferences, seminars and workshops on relevant issues such as the flagship 5-Day Certificate Course on Management Consulting Fundamentals, undertaking research projects, case studies and lectures.

Centre for Community Mental Health

CCMH was founded in 2017 with an aim to provide excellent education and globally certified professional training to students and to engage in the capacity building of professionals. This Center focuses on a preventive approach to promote positive mental health and is working to create a critical workforce groomed to provide services in various settings - educational institutions, government institutions, primary and tertiary healthcare and policy developing institutes. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been established with Melbourne Medical School, University of Melbourne, Australia to carry forward academic and research work in this direction, including collaborative research projects, exchange of faculty, and organizing lectures and symposia and various developmental & training programs in mental health.

Centre for Criminology & Forensic Studies

Poulomi Bhadra and Vipin Vijay Nair

Assistant Professor & Assistant Director (CCFS)

CCFS was founded in 2020 for a more focused efforts in research and pedagogy towards integrating forensic science and criminology in legal education and practice. The Centre will specifically focus on the interdisciplinarity of allied disciplines such as forensic science, law, criminology and legal psychology and how it assists the criminal justice mechanisms in regional and international regimes. By promoting knowledge sharing amongst these fields, CCFS aims to identify the lacunas in theory and practice, and bring forth innovative and futuristic legislation and policy making in negotiating and reforming the issues and limitations of the justice system at various levels.