Dr. Deepa Madathil

Associate Professor & Associate Dean, ODS

B.Tech. (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad); M.S. (Arizona State University, USA); Ph.D. (Vellore Institute of Technology)

Research Experience

Bioinformatics, Data Analytics, Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Healthcare Management, AI and Machine Learning, Hospital Information Systems and Biomedical Instrumentation.

Dr. Deepa Madathil is currently working as an Associate Professor, Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS) & Associate Dean, Admissions and Outreach at O. P. Jindal Global University. She is a multi-faceted personality with a penchant to work with disruptive technologies. Her professional experience ranges from administration, academics, teaching, training, research to freelance consulting. Prior to joining JIBS, Dr. Deepa was an Associate Professor in School of Electronics Engineering at VIT University, Vellore. She also served as the Assistant Director, Student Outreach (2019-2021) heading the digital marketing initiative and as an Assistant Director, Students Welfare (2011-2018). She is also a Wipro Mission 10X High Impact Teaching Skills certified teacher making a difference through her classes. She was awarded a project titled, “Affordable and portable multimodality system to measure heart rate, blood oxygenation and ECG using Machine Learning”, by the Spark-up Idea Fund Program, International Centre for Entrepreneurship & Technology (icreate) in 2015. She has also mentored several innovative students’ projects at Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral level and has published in journals of repute.

Dr. Deepa is a Gold Medallist in B.Tech. Biomedical Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad. She did her Masters in Biomedical Informatics from Arizona State University, USA and Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from VIT University, Vellore. While getting her Masters, she was also working at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center at Phoenix as a Systems Analyst. Her focus was on developing web applications pertaining to FDA monitored clinical research projects conducted by Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix. Deepa was also selected and represented the computer science graduates in ASU at the Women in Tech: 2008 Google Workshop for Women Engineers at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. She then worked as a Data Analyst and a Biostatistician at Banner Health Hospital and Medical Center, Phoenix, where she developed an electronic decision support system for diagnoses and effective treatment of patients. She has also worked on large panel datasets to understand the aging brain and age-specific physiological and psychological changes. Her consultancy projects include the application of statistical analysis and predictive data modelling in various domains.


Journal Publications

  • Kulkarni, P. and Madathil, D. (2021). Echocardiography image segmentation using semi-automatic numerical optimisation method based on wavelet decomposition thresholding. International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, 31(4). https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/ima.22631
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Conference Publications:

  • Patil, A.U., Madathil, D., Tzeng, O.J.L., Huang, H.W. and Huang, C.M. Effects of posterior-anterior shift in the aging brain on creativity: A combined ICA and resting-state fMRI study, 27th Annual meeting of Cognitive Neuroscience Society, CNS, 124, 2020.
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