Research Interests

Qualitative Research Methods, Gender Relations, Cultural Psychology, Pedagogy

Dr. Sudha Shashwati

Assistant Professor

B.A. (H) Psychology (University of Delhi);
M.A. Applied Psychology (TISS, Mumbai) ;
Ph.D. (University of Delhi)

Dr. Sudha Shashwati is an Assistant Professor at the Jindal School of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS), O.P Jindal University. She has over 6 years of teaching and research experience in premier colleges of the University of Delhi, as well as close to a decade’s experience in conducting psychotherapy and counseling. She is a trauma-informed (Russ Harris, Australia) and queer affirmative therapist (Mariwala Health Initiative, India). She is one of less than 20 therapists from India listed on the official Acceptance and Commitment Therapy collective- a practice and research community for therapists across the world engaged in trans-diagnostic, process-based psychotherapy. She is a ‘comprehensive sexuality educator’ (Taarshi, India) and also a consultant psychologist for mental health initiatives. She has led community mental health initiatives of multiple Delhi-based NGOs, developing and executing training programs for school teachers, school counselors and psychology interns, as well as school students of various age groups on wide-ranging topics. She is routinely invited as an expert for training in mental health capacity building and qualitative research methods.

She was the university gold medallist during her bachelor’s (University of Delhi), won the ‘best research for clinical psychology’ award in her master’s (TISS, Mumbai), and was a UGC NET-JRF research scholar. Her doctoral research was on masculinities and femininities in modern India that included a first-of-its-kind daily diary study on how sexism is confronted by young women. She enjoys conversations on existentialism, cultural psychology, and feminism. 

Teaching Experience

Dr. Sudha started her teaching career in 2015 and has since taught in multiple undergraduate and post-graduate programs, mostly in top colleges of University of Delhi, like Jesus and Mary College, Lady Shri Ram College, Kamla Nehru College, and Daulat Ram College. She has taught a wide range of papers such as Counselling Psychology, Research Methods in Psychology, Cultural and Indigenous Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Intergroup Relations, Organizational Behavior, Community Psychology, Development of Psychological Thought, Introduction to Psychology, Psychology of Health and Well-Being, Human Resource Management, Psychology of Gender, and Youth, Gender and Identity.

Training Experience

Dr. Sudha has been associated with various Delhi-based NGOs, conducting training for counsellors, teachers, and psychology interns. She has conducted workshops for over 2000 school students on wide ranging topics such as body image, good-touch bad touch, bullying, effective communication etc. She has trained school teachers in classroom management, non-professional helping skills, well-being and stress management, psychological first aid, responding to disclosures of child sexual abuse, dealing with suicidality and substance abuse, and making appropriate referrals to mental health professionals. She has trained multiple batches of undergraduate psychology students as mental health interns for various NGOs in Delhi. She has been invited as a trainer by several bodies including Tamil Nadu Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association, Delhi Public School, One Future Collective, Kinship for Humanitarian Social and Holistic Intervention in India, You Are Wonderful Project, and colleges of Delhi University such as Ramjas College and Daulat Ram College.

Research Experience

Dr. Sudha specialises in qualitative research, particularly non-hegemonic and innovative research methods. Her doctoral research undertook an analysis of the politics of everyday life in the Indian context while foregrounding gender using arts based and feminist research methodology. She is actively engaged in research on online pedagogy, mental health interventions, and everyday sexism.


Journal Publications

  1. Shashwati, S., Konantambigi, R.M. Beyond the ‘Self’ in Self-regulation of Emotions in Children: Role of Parental Expressiveness. Psychol Stud (2022).
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  7. Shashwati, S. & Kansal, P. (2019). Is There A Right Way To Love?: Mindset in Romantic Relationships. International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sociology and Humanities., 4 (2): 65-73.

Book Chapters-

  1. Shashwati, S. & Kapur, P. (2018). I Am How I Think You See Me: Body Image Concerns among Young Adults. In Kapur, P. & Anand, P. (Ed.), Applications of Psychology: Reaching out and making a difference (pp. 255-262). New Delhi: Excel