Work with JIBS

We advertise all open job positions on our website, social media and other job portals from time to time. If you are looking to work with us outside of an advertised position, we are happy to consider direct applicants, who may join us in the positions of Faculty and Research Assistant. To know more about the job profile and eligibility qualifications, please see the links alongside. To apply, please write to Executive  Dean ( Dr. Pulkit Khanna, Associate Professor & Executive Dean, JIBS ( 

  with your CV, cover letter and other required documents. Please mention clearly in your email the position(s) you are interested to apply for.

Opportunities for Young Scholars

Are you a student looking to work with JIBS? Here's how you can.



We offer internship opportunities to both JGU & non-JGU students for 1 month -1 year. These are usually unpaid positions where students receive a certificate of internship at the end of the duration. Under the guidance of a mentor, you will attend tutorials and obtain the necessary skills to participate in short term research projects.


Through the semester, we organize several events and conferences where we have opportunities for students to participate in the organization, management & rappoteuring. Occasionally, we may also be looking for students to participate in our behavioural research studies, involving questionnaires & surveys.

Research Studentships

We also offer limited number of junior research positions for students or fresh graduates to join ongoing projects as research assistants. The student researchers will be mentored by and report to the principal investigator of the project. These positions generally require a commitment of 3 - 6 months and some positions may be available with a monthly stipend.

International and Institutional Collaborations

JIBS is proud to be at forefront of the emerging scholarship in India and South Asia. However, we are always keen to expand our intellectual diversity globally and generate impact in further fields of study and industry. If you are interested in collaborating with us on research, training or in any organizational capacity, please write to Dr. Sneh Kapoor (Assistant Dean, International collaborations) at and Poulomi Bhadra (Assistant Dean, International Collaborations) at to initiate the conversation on possible collaboration. To know more about our current partners and the collaborative projects we are currently engaged in, click below. 

To know more about these opportunities:

Contact the faculty you are keen to work with to discuss the potential roles that might be a good fit for you. You can also write directly to the JIBS Academic Office at


Short Study Courses

Students and recent graduates can also participate in our short study programs to learn new skills and enhance their knowledge for higher studies or job opportunities. Some of these are available free of cost, others for an affordable fee. These courses last for 2 days to 2 weeks and include stay and meals on campus.

Working with JIBS

Open job positions are advertised on our website, social media & other job portals. If you are a recent graduate looking for opportunities to join as a Research Fellow or Research Assistant with a particular faculty or on a particular project, please write to the faculty investigator with your CV and research interests.