Yashodhara Parsai

Research Fellow

M.A. (Patan Multiple Campus, TU, Nepal);
Ph.D. Candidate (O.P. Jindal Global University)

Mrs. Yashodhara Prasai Bhetuwal has been enthusiastically dedicated to the field of education for the last 25 years. She holds two Master’s degrees, in Economics and Educational Leadership and Management. She has worked as Program Coordinator of the higher secondary wing at Nobel Academy, Cambridge University affiliated A Level Coordinator at NAMI College, and also worked as an Economics Lecturer at St. Xavier’s College and Rato Bangala. She is the author of high school economics course books. Her pursuit of a Ph.D. in educational leadership demonstrates her dedication to teaching and learning. She has participated in different international educational programs and has also had experience of being an international speaker at schools now conference organized by Cambridge University.