Brain Behaviour Laboratory

The Psychology Lab at JIBS has established a well-equipped psychology assessment centre. This is a research-oriented institute that values collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches. We attempt to cover various themes such as, developmental, cognitive, affective neurosciences, stress, coping, health, and psychopathology. For this, the institute is equipped with a range of psychology apparatus, tests and equipment.

Forensic Laboratory

The Forensic Science laboratory was established to create a suitable environment to propagate the knowledge of forensic science amongst the students. With this effect, we organize several innovative training sessions, included in the forensic science elective, to impress upon the students the various kinds of analysis that fall under the purview of forensic science and the procedural imperatives that must be followed to ensure a fair trial.

Financial Crimes Lab

The main aim of the FinCrime Lab is to increase the awareness on white collar crimes that are committed around the world. By integrating training and research activities, we aim to take an integrated approach to employ a psychological, legal, victimological, and criminological dimensions to financial crime and its prevention.