Dr. Neha Khetrapal

Assistant Professor and Assistant Director (CCMH)

B.A. (University of Delhi);
M.A. (University of Allahabad);
Ph.D. (Macquarie University, Australia)

Dr. Neha Khetrapal is an Assistant Professor at Jindal Institute of Behvaioural Sciences. Her pre-doctoral work involved periods of study in India and Germany. In 2016, she finished her PhD in linguistics for which she studied grammatical development in children with autism. Thereafter, she worked at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore. She began her current postdoctoral position in 2018 at the Central European University (Budapest). Her current work focuses on how preschoolers understand future uncertain events and concepts of ‘possibility’ and ‘probability’.  

She is broadly interested in cultural and linguistic relativity, philosophy of music and cognitive development.


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