Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences


Poulomi Bhadra

Assistant Professor & Assistant Director, Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences

B.Sc.; M.Sc. (University of Calcutta); M.Sc. (King’s College)

Poulomi Bhadra is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Director at Jindal Institute of Behabioural Sciences (JIBS), O. P. Jindal Global University. Prior to joining JGU, she was working with the Natural History Museum, London and the Metropolitan Police on research in forensic entomology. She received her first Masters in Biotechnology from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, followed by another in Forensics from King’s College London, where she was studying under the Jubilee Scholarship. Alongside her teaching responsibilities, she has also organized several international conference at JGU including the 15th World Congress of Criminology (2016), the first International Summit on Political Psychology in India (2016) and the 9th International Forum on Crime and Criminal Law in the Global Era(2017).

She has been with JGU since 2015, and has offered courses on Forensic Science, Advanced Forensic Sciences, Blood Antiquities and Archaeopolitics, Cultural Policies and the Art Market to undergraduate students and guest lecture to mid-career professionals. She is keen on building a multidimensional, interdisciplinary profile and her research interests predominantly include forensic entomology, role of forensics in law and the intersection thereof; art crimes and cultural laws; cultural policies, social aspects of material cultures. She hopes to apply her scientific understanding to research lacuna in government programs and policies, as well as operational dynamics, relevant to forensics and its involvement in the criminal justice system. She also aims to exercise a greater focus in understanding the art market and its relationship to society, with specific focus on India and South Asia. She is interested in marrying her passion for art studies and forensics through a multi-faceted scholarship.

Forensic Molecular Biology, Forensic Entomology, Forensic Law, Art and Cultural Policies, Art Crimes