Research Interests

Forensic law, forensic psychology, critical criminology, humanitarian forensics, forensics in human rights adjudication, forensic entomology, criminalistics, art crimes, trace fingerprints, cultural policies, global south art market studies

Prof. Poulomi Bhadra

Assistant Professor & Deputy Director, CCFS

M.Sc. Biotechnology (St. Xavier's College, Kolkata); M.Sc. Forensic Science (King's College London, UK)

Poulomi Bhadra is an Assistant Professor and Deputy Director at the Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS), and also a Research Fellow at the Centre for India China Studies (CICS). She also founded the Centre for Criminology and Forensic Studies (CCFS) at JIBS in January 2020, in recognition of a need to incorporate scientific and legal education. Prior to joining JGU, she has worked with the Natural History Museum, London and the Metropolitan Police on research in forensic entomology, during and after the completion of her Master’s degree at King’s College London. She is presently a member of the South Asian Society of Victimology and Criminology, the International Society of Criminology and an Associate Member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Science, UK.

Research Experience

At JGU, she has led several interdisciplinary research projects that have resulted in international, peer review journal publications. She is part of the International Advisory Board of the Criminology and Criminal Law Review Journal, International Society for Projects in Education and Research and also a member of the JGLS  Doctoral Research Advisory Committee. Her work has been successfully published as book chapters, and peer reviewed articles in renowned journals. In particular, she has published three books as of 2020. She is currently working on a book in translating the applications of forensic sciences for the legal profession.

Her research interests are built on a multidimensional, interdisciplinary profile that is predominantly focused on the intersection of forensics, law and criminology as well as cultural policies, art crimes and art laws.She hopes to apply her scientific understanding to research lacuna in government programs and policies, as well as operational dynamics, relevant to forensics and its involvement in the criminal justice system.

Teaching Experience

In the course of almost five and a half years of undergraduate teaching experience at JGU, she has designed several elective courses on Forensic Sciences, Advanced Forensic Sciences, Blood Antiquities and Archaeopolitics, Cultural Policies and the Art Market for undergraduate students across the various schools at JGU, and has been pivotal in the organization of various training programs for professionals and short study courses for both JGU and non-JGU students. She is also the co-convener of the module on Business and Politics of the Art World, along with Dr. Amy F. W. Corcoran, at the Queen Mary University London Summer School 2020. 


Journal Publications

    1. Bhadra P., Hall M. J., Hart A.J. (2014) Factors affecting accessibility to blowflies of bodies disposed in suitcases. Forensic Science International, Vol 239, 62-72

    2. Ray S., Datta R., Bhadra P., Chaudhuri B., Mitra A. K. (2012) Bacillus aryabhattai found in the Indian subcontinent. Bioscience Discovery 3(1), 138-145


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Book Chapters

  1. Bhadra P. Influence of Cognitive Biases on Decision Making in DNA Evidence (Eds. Kumar, A., Goswami, G.K., Huffine, E.) Springer Handbook of DNA Forensic Applications and Interpretation (in press, Springer)

  2. Bhadra P. (2020). Criminal Aspects of Internet Addiction and Online Gaming in (Eds T. Maiti) Internet Addiction and Online Gaming (in press, IGI Global)

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