Research Interests

Penology, sexual minority rights, victim assistance,  positive victimology, forensic victimology, financial criminology, restorative justice

Vipin Vijay Nair

Lecturer, Assistant Director (CVPS), Assistant Director (CCFS)

BBE (Delhi University), M.A. Criminology (LNJN NICFS), Doctoral Scholar (JIBS)

Vipin Vijay Nair is currently working as a Lecturer and an In-service doctoral scholar at Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences, O.P Jindal Global University. He received his Master’s in Criminology from LNJN National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Sciences, GGSIPU, where he was awarded the University Silver medal for his academic and research vigour. He has qualified UGC-NET lectureship (Criminology) in 2016 and was invited as a resource person at two-day National workshop on “Career Advancement in Criminology”. He has been awarded the silver medal for Best Scientific Research paper at the 38th  National Conference of Indian Society of Criminology in 2015.

Prior to joining JGU, he worked for two years as an Analyst in XL Catlin, a multinational organisation that deals in risks associated with insurance policy management across globe.  He assisted offshore underwriters in various process of insurance including Quote, Declination and Bound, supported the underwriters in Policy administration. In case of policy non-renewals, he was responsible for sending out the conditional / non-renewal policy documents and renew or decline the policy.

Teaching Experience

His key teaching areas are Victimology, Criminology, Penology and Criminal Justice System. At JGU, he has offered the following electives – Introduction to Victimology, Principles of Criminology, Penology & its Victimological Discourse, Financial Criminology.

Research Experience

Nair has completed many academic and individual research projects and is actively pursuing research in the field of victimology and criminology, with active involvement in the Centre of Victimology and Psychological Studies and Centre for Criminology and Forensic Studies at Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences, JGU. He is dedicated in contributing inter-disciplinary work in the field of victimology and criminology by working on articles, essays and research papers. He has presented in several International conferences  across the globe. He is currently affiliated as member of few national and international organisations like World Society of Victimology, American Society of Criminology, British Society of Criminology, Indian Society of Criminology, Indian Criminology & Forensic Science Association and others.


Journal Publications

  1. Nair, V. V. (2020). Drones as Futuristic Crime Prevention Strategy: Situational Review during COVID-19 Lockdown. Journal of Social Sciences64(1-3), 22-29.

  2. Nair V.V (2019). Evolutionary Social Contract of Homosexuals in India, Indian Journal of Health, Sexuality and Culture, 5(1). pg. 18-26 (June 2019), ISSN: 2581-575X

  3. Nair V.V (2019). The State of Victimization of Commercial Sex Workers in IndiaJournal of Legal Studies & Research, 5(1) (February 2019), ISSN 2455-2437 

Book Chapters

  1. Nair V.V. (2020). Crime Prevention. In (Eds. Sahni S.P., Bhadra P.) Criminal Psychology and the Criminal Justice System in India and Beyond. (Springer Singapore)
  2. Bhadra P. & Nair V.V. (2020). False Allegations: Perspectives from Forensic Victimology in (Eds. S. P. Sahni, P. Bhadra) Criminal Psychology and the Criminal Justice System in India and Beyond. (Springer Singapore)
  3. Sahni S.P. & Nair V.V. (2020). The need for Financial Criminology in India over changing Global Financial Scenario. In Shekhar B, Sahni S.P(Eds.) A Global Perspective in Victimology & Criminology: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.  Bloomsbury India.
  4. Nair V.V, Bhadra P, Sahni S.P (2019). Status of Refugees, Migrants and Criminal Law in India. In Bhadra P, Sahni S.P(Eds.) Crime and Criminal Law: Perspectives on Global Migration (pg. 17-36). New Delhi, India: Har-Anand Publisher