Research Bulletin

The Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS) research bulletin presents an overview of recent research published by the faculty and research scholars at JIBS organised under different themes.

Dr. Neha Khetrapal

Nocturnal (Dark) Anthropology: Spotlight on an Ancient Indian Civilization

This chapter recognises that several contemporary studies, focused on documenting the significance of celestial phenomena for ancient civilisations, have been reported with a Eurocentric lens. In highlighting the influencing role of night skies, the point of emphasis for this chapter is the Indus Valley civilisation. Further, the chapter attempts to stress the changes in the socio-religious life of ancient India in line with the diminishing importance of the nocturnal skyscape. Finally, the theoretical spotlight moves to the recent revival of interest in preserving the dark skies. But the preserved modern-day night skies are likely to resurrect cultural heritage in a way that may not impact socio-religious dynamics but at least serve as a driving force for making progress in nocturnal (dark) anthropology and spark night-time tourism. Read Here…


Dr. Vasundharaa S.Nair

Dr. Vasundharaa S.Nair

Intersectionality and cumulative disadvantage in access to healthcare for older adults in India.

The cumulative impact of old age stems from the logical, theoretical, and empirical intersectionality that grows over time. This chapter reviews intersectionality – its origin, expansion, and implications that lead to cumulative disadvantage for older adults’ access and utilisation of healthcare in India. It deliberates on the levels of intersectionality that coexist and interact in myriad ways to amplify the disadvantage and discrimination for older adults in accessing care within family, society, and policy constructs. Based on the perspectives in this chapter, a synthesized review on cumulative disadvantage and intersectionality is offered while providing directions for future research as well as public policy recommendations for reducing disparity and disadvantage for older adults in accessing and utilising healthcare. Read Here

Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Bhavya Tandon & Ms. Samreen Chhabra