Research Bulletin

The Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences ( JIBS) research bulletin presents an overview of recent research published by the faculty and research scholars at JIBS organized under different themes

Digital experiences of children and adolescents in India: New challenges for school counsellors

Ms. Tanni Choudhury

Psychology in the Schools (In Press) 

Exploring a much-needed gap in the Indian context, this article examines the challenges faced by school counsellors in dealing with adolescents’ digital use. Implications for school counselling practice and research, especially in an Indian context, are discussed. Read more

The impact of emotional intelligence on the academic performance of students with intellectual disabilities in inclusive education

Dr. Iryna Soroka 

Lifescience Global

With the goal of improving inclusive education in Ukraine, this article empirically demonstrates the positive impact of emotional intelligence on the academic performance of students with intellectual disabilities. Implications of involving children and adolescents’ active participation in their general education are discussed. Read more 

Neurofeedback for the education of
children with ADHD and specific
learning disorders: A Review

Dr. Deepa Madathil

Brain Sciences

This review discusses the potential merits of applying Neurofeedback (NF) systems in learning settings for the education of children with different learning disorders. The role of NF technology in education for the development of adaptive teaching methods and positive learning environments for children with learning disabilities is discussed. Read more

Posttraumatic growth and trauma from natural disaster in children and adolescents: A systematic literature review about related factors.

Mr. Irfan Fayaz

Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma (In Press)

This systematic review of the literature examines the concept of posttraumatic growth (PTG), or the perceived positive changes in response to a single adverse childhood event, and aims to clearly define PTG, its associated factors, and its application contexts. Implications for mental health care services in developing strategies for management of traumatic stress in children and adolescents is discussed.  Read more

Role of gratitude in positive
adolescent development

Dr Pulkit Khanna

Adolescence in India

This chapter examines the role of gratitude in promoting adolescent well-being with a specific focus on the Indian cultural context. The chapter highlights empirical findings on how gratitude can benefit adolescents, the implications of gratitude journaling, and presents Indian and international scenarios towards positive adolescent development. Read more