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Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences ( JIBS) media team works in conjunction with our faculty to create educational content and distribute it through their media outlet. This includes digital media, websites, blogs, magazines and social media. The team is responsible for communicating the research and academic expertise on behavioural sciences to a wider audience.

JIBS Infotainment

The digital media ensemble of Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences ( JIBS) – aims to reach audiences who have little or no access to the academic world and applies the concept of infotainment to inform and educate about research in the behavioral sciences. Every week, the JIBS Infotainment channel broadcasts graphical video explainers and short documentary videos that explore and discuss topics such as mental health disorders, performance enhancement techniques, behavioral competencies among other similar topics.

JIBS Infotainment Impact

JIBS Infotainment has reached close to 5 million views on its YouTube channel, with over 13 lakh views in 2022. This is in addition to the significant engagement the platform has received on the institute’s social media handles. The channel has 24 thousand subscribers and has generated over 40 million impressions across social media platforms.

So far JIBS Infotainment channel has broadcast more than 180 snippet’esque videos- laden with motion graphics and animations- on issues primarily revolving around psychology and behavioral sciences. The channel also uploads short videos and documentaries on issues revolving around society and psychology.


One important component of JIBS Infotainment, is the weekly explainers by Dr. Sanjeev. P. Sahni, Principal Director at JIBS. Till date, the digital channel has uploaded more than 110 explainers on different topics of behavioural importance… Read more


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Psychology musings is a fortnightly blog that delves into contemporary issues of psychological relevance. Authored by the faculty and research scholars of the institute, the articles in the blog pertain to different social, political and human issues from a behavioural and psychological perspective… Read more


Pysch Degest is a quarterly e-magazine that is an initiative of the M.A./M.Sc. Applied Psychology students at the Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences ( JIBS). The inaugural issue features interesting articles, visuals as well as pop culture recommendations… Read more

Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Bhavya Tandon & Dr. Sucharita Belavadi, JIBS