Centre for Criminology & Forensic Studies

About the Centre

CCFS was founded in 2020 for a more focused efforts in research and pedagogy towards integrating forensic science and criminology in legal education and practice. The Centre will specifically focus on the interdisciplinarity of allied disciplines such as forensic science, law, criminology and legal psychology and how it assists the criminal justice mechanisms in regional and international regimes. By promoting knowledge sharing amongst these fields, CCFS aims to identify the lacunas in theory and practice, and bring forth innovative and futuristic legislation and policy making in negotiating and reforming the issues and limitations of the justice system at various levels.


This Centre was established to foster the inter-disciplinarity within the fields of criminology, forensic psychology and law. Through our initiatives, we intend to impact Indian legal reform and the criminal justice system to bring forth innovative and futuristic legislation and policy making at various levels.


  • To foster interdisciplinary research and develop an integrated knowledge sharing network.

  • To cater our training and research to all stakeholders within the criminal justice system – victims, legal professionals, legislators, law enforcement, scientists and other experts. 

  • To inform and advocate towards bringing about law and/or policy change in the interest of improved and accurate criminal justice.


Design course intersecting at the boundary of law, forensic studies, legal psychology and criminology.

Foster research collaborations with other national and international institutes resulting in diverse publications that are accessible to academic and other audience.

Organize national and international conferences, seminars, public talks, workshops, symposia etc. to encourage focused discussions and knowledge sharing.

Create internship and training opportunities for students and early career professionals from partner institutes.

Develop training and knowledge dissemination initiatives such as short-study programs on specialised or advanced level cross-disciplinary education in law, applied sciences and investigative psychology.

Expansion of laboratory facilities to foster new pedagogy and research.

Our Impact

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Our team

We benefit from the diverse background of our team of researchers who are well published in the fields of psychology, forensic studies, victimology and criminology. 



8th World Congress of Criminology (December 2016) – International Society of Criminology

9th International Forum of Crime and Criminal Law in the Global Era (December 2017) – IFCCLGE Secretariat