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Management Consulting Fundamentals

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With increasing complexity, our world is becoming more and more virtual. However, the paradigm in which we operate, and the expectations still remain the same. This situation makes consultation quintessential. Consultation helps influence when there is lack of direct control. Consultancy is an art; it is the art of facilitating the required and the missed. An ‘authentic consultant’, though very rare, is one who is the most required in this world of uncertainty as authenticity can be the sole key to build trust and relationships which will further take care of strategy and business success. It also promotes the entrepreneur within individuals, their ideas for monetizing on expertise, and ultimately results in a win-win situation, both for self and the business.

With this vision in mind, this five- day course has been designed to enable the students and working professionals to:

  • learn the basic consultancy concepts and their application in business
  • learn to understand the client and their requirements
  • learn to conduct a need and diagnostic analysis for a given business problem
  • learn and practice the different techniques of analysis for a given data set
  • learn to draw logical conclusions and make relevant recommendations
  • learn the art of clear and effective communication of results and recommendations


Management Consulting Fundamentals for Students

  • 5-Day Certificate Course held from 21-25 January 2019 in which 32 students participated
  • 5-Day Certificate Course held from 9-13 December 2019 in which 23 students participated

Management Consulting Fundamentals For Professionals

  • 5-Day Certificate Course held from 1-5 July 2019 in which 28 working professionals participated