4 credits
60 hours

Art of Listening, Attachment & Intimacy in Relationships

Dr. Manjushree Palit

This course provides an understanding about the art of listening, attachment and intimacy in relationships. The students will be introduced to the existing theoretical concepts, empirical research, and experiential learning exercises. This course will elaborate on the following concepts that impact relationships: listening and its types, attachments and its types, expectations and different love languages, intimacy and its types and their impact on relationships. The course provides a platform for students to discuss the influencers, myths, expectation, love languages, identifying conflicts and their resolution in relationships for the self and others. This course aims to foster introspection, identification, analysis, and discussion of the concepts and their application to real life experiences. And how the above are shaped by constructs of power, gender and social media. This course encourages introspection and reflection. It attempts to spread awareness and knowledge about concepts that have been associated with quality of relationships.

3 credits
45 hours

Counselling Psychology

Dr. Manjushree Palit

Counselling Psychology course provides students with an understanding of counselling principles and skills for working with individuals, couples, and families. This course will enable students to explore the nature of counselling, the various theories of counselling and their influence on the therapist’s roles, therapy process, techniques and intervention designed; and counselling processes such as rapport building, confidentiality, and ethics and forms of counselling (individual, family and group counselling). This course provides a multicultural and diverse perspective into the helping profession and the process of assisting clients in making developmentally relevant and informed choices about their concerns and well-being.

3 credits<br>

45 hours

Psychology of Modern Love: Making Good Decisions for Better Relationships

Tanni Choudhury

This course aims to redefine the existing narrative on adversity. Our hardships no matter how diverse, all leave a space for us to grow from. This course taps into that very space and aims to educate learners with the psychological foundations and practicalities of post-traumatic growth, in-crisis strength, resilience and much more. It offers insights into concepts such as Radical Acceptance, Meaning-Making, Creativity and Mindfulness, in light of the larger conversation on Strength-Building during adverse circumstances. It also seeks to cultivate Collective Resilience among students with its inclusion of team-based tools such as discussions and case analyses facilitated by a regular Self-Reflection component that will help them situate their learnings in practical settings.