STORIES OF DIFFERENCE (September 2020 onwards)

Stories of Difference is a conversation series to encourage stories that have made a difference to the society: by individuals, organization, and community. This platform seeks to spread awareness, inspire change & engage listeners in similar initiatives in the community

PEER EDUCATOR PROGRAM (April 2017- March 2018)

PEER EDUCATOR PROGRAM (April 2017- March 2018)

The Peer Educator Program is a pioneering idea that was brought to practice by the JIBS. As a budding new university that is expanding every semester, there are many concerns that crop up within the student body. The student body is diverse – both by national and international representations. This kind of diversity brings both value and conflicts unseen. Students, especially in the initial years, struggle with coping up. The transition to young adulthood is particularly difficult for them and they are often lost without a proper forum to address their concerns. The Peer Educator Program is a unique solution to such student problems. While the campus is very well equipped to deal with all sort of student problems professionally – there are three full time student counselors, it was realized that it need not be the only way to address life issues. There is still stigma prevalent amongst the student body to reach out for professional help. The Peer Educator Program capitalizes on the reality that students are often more open and willing to talk about their issues to their peers and seniors. Seeing them as fellow students who go through similar or same issues in college, students with problems are more willing to open to a fellow student about any issue – personal, professional, inter-personal etc. The main aim of this program is to promote positive mental health on campus through various awareness activities and sensitization programs. Our vision is to train and equip a small cohort of students who can identify issues and problems. They are also expected to devise and frame activities to deliver specific learning points and outcomes to the student body. Over some time, they will become trusted members of the student community. Students who wish to discuss their issues can do within a trusting relationship built over time by trained students who have the skills and maturity to help others in need. They act liaisons for those are willing but unable to get help. Below is the list of activities organized by the peer educator team from April 2017 to March 2018. We have organized 16 different activities focusing on various topics under positive mental health relevant to the student community. All these activities were designed, planned, and executed by students who act as “Peer Educators”.

COUNSELLING HELPINE (April 2015- March 2016)

JIBS in association with Counselling Centre runs a dedicated counselling helpline number with toll free number (18002121201) facility on it. The helpline received close to 80 calls during this period. It was observed that most of the calls were received from Azamgarh in U.P., Sonipat, Lucknow and Delhi. Especially from the callers from Azamgarh region, we realized that there is no provision of a psychiatrist or psychologist services in that area and thus the helpline functions as a major psychological aid for the local population.

Most of the calls on the helpline were related to anxiety issues and depression. They were provided the general assistance and were suggested lifestyle changes to cope better with such problems. It was also noted that more males have been using the facility of the helpline than the females. To publicize the helpline, various visits were made to different schools in Sonipat, Haryana, Delhi, Guwahati and Kolkata during the mentioned period. Around 20 schools were visited and were informed about the availability of this service during the last year.