2023 Doctoral Graduates

Dr. Shankey Verma

Topic: Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and its Association with Psychological Outcomes and Academic Persistence Among Indian Female Students in Higher Education Institutions (HEIS)

Dr. Sujay Ranjan Chaudhuri

Topic: Exploring Attitudes, Concerns, and Sentiments of General Teachers, Special Educators, and Parents towards Inclusive Model of Education in Army Public Schools 

Dr. Rita Iorbo

Topic: An Exploratory Study of Social Inclusion and Psychosocial Issues Among Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria

2022 Doctoral Graduates

Dr. Bhanu Prakash Nunna

Topic: Training Needs of Assessment of Victim Service Practitioners in One Stop Centres in India: Towards Building a Comprehensive Training Module

Dr. Nisha Phakey

Topic: Social Cognition, Grit, Stress and Academic Achievement: An Exploratory Study

Dr. Jeevan Deep Sehgal

Topic: Developing the Psychological Contract Survey and Validating it in Higher Education Institutions

2021 Doctoral Graduates

Dr. Karishma

Dr. Karishma

Topic: An effect of motivational enhancement therapy on psychosocial variables of  internet addiction

Dr. Vipin Vijay Nair

Topic: Exploring coping mechanism of vulnerable & victims of commercial sexual exploitation: A participatory action research in rehabilitation & protective homes in India

Dr. Patnaraz Mungroo

Topic: Exploring the experiences of Schizophrenic Patients and their use of Cannabis

Dr. Chengfei Wei

Topic: A Comparative Study on the Influence of Consumer Privacy Concerns on Behavioral Intention in E-Commerce Between China and India

2020 Doctoral Graduates

Dr. Shivjot Gill

Topic: Impact of Mental Training Intervention on Shooters And Archers

Dr. Catherine Gatua

Topic: Emotional Wellbeing and Disruptive Behaviours Among Students Attending International Schools in Tanzania

Dr. Md. Omar Faruk

Topic: Criminal Justice System: Status Quo and Recommendations for Domestic Violence Victims in Bangladesh

2019 Doctoral Graduates

Dr. Sarni Jain

Topic: Risk perception and Investment Behaviour of Indian Investors

Dr. Arnab Bose

Topic: Smart Neighbourhoods in India: The nature of neighbourhoods & communities in India and the​ role of information technology in instilling resilience