Research Bulletin

The Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences (JIBS) research bulletin presents an overview of recent research published by the faculty and research scholars at JIBS, organized under different themes.

Pulkit Khanna

Buddhist Practices Enhancing Positive Life: Mindfulness and Beyond (Religious and Spiritual Practices in India)

This chapter examines diverse Buddhist practices, traditions, and festivals, while focusing on the well-known practice of mindfulness. The first part of the chapter highlights prominent Buddhist customs including chanting, charity, contemplation, as well as less recognised rituals and forms of worship. The second part discusses mindfulness, its origins in the Buddhist tradition, and its prominence across various regions and cultures. Through meta-analytic findings, the chapter also delves into mindfulness interventions among varied groups, in addition to connecting its discussion to contemporary technological advances for mindfulness practice. In conclusion, the chapter advocates for greater exchange between traditional and modern knowledge for diverse cultural representation.   Read More

Dr. Shilpa Bandyopadhyay

Happiness and Well-Being in Old Age. (Religious and Spiritual Practices in India)

As the question in focus in the twenty first century shifts from cultivating a long life, to ensuring happiness in that life no matter what its length, this chapter turned to the Indian context for answers. Reporting the findings of qualitative data on fifty-six older Indians, the study in the chapter sought to reveal key sources of happiness among its participants. The influence of the Indian sociocultural understanding of ageing and the relative lack of studies on older Indians, make this chapter’s contribution particularly salient. Further, in contrast to the abundance of literature on age-related declines, such a study offers a fresh perspective by spotlighting the wellbeing of older individuals.  Read More

Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Bhavya Tandon & Ms. Samreen Chhabra