EldBre: Celebrating our Ageing Brain – Elderly-Safe Homes

In collaboration with Samvedna

Senior Care (Gurugram JIBS would like to acknowledge the recognition received from the International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO) (https://ibro.org)  and the DANA Foundation (https://dana.org/

) for the Brain Awareness Campaign!

Brain injuries cannot be prevented in the elderly. Many are inclined to equate brain injury with shrinkage of neural tissue and restricting of oxygen supply that happens in old age. While this reasoning is on the right track, caregivers can minimise the scope of brain injury in the elderly by making homes ‘elderly-safe’ just as young parents make their homes ‘baby-safe’. If you are inclined to know more, we will host an interactive workshop online, highlighting simple things that could be done. Stay tuned to know more about the positive aspects of ageing. More information will follow on managing lifestyle diseases that increase the risk of silent brain injuries in the elderly. Not all is bleak at the end of the tunnel, ‘adding numbers’ could do wonders too!