Research Bulletin

Vol.2 Issue 10 | October 2023

Expanding the Dimensions of Health and Growth

The Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences (JIBS) research bulletin presents an overview of recent research published by the faculty and research scholars at JIBS organised under different themes.

Dr. Rama Jayaraj

Recent advances in understanding brain cancer metabolomics: A review.

Over recent years, metabolomics has gathered traction, owing to its potential to allow for a wider understanding of the dynamic spatiotemporal regulatory network of enzymes and metabolites that enables cancer cells to adapt to their environment and cultivate tumours. It has been widely acknowledged that metabolic changes are a significant characteristic for tracking the advancement of diseases, treatment efficacy, and identifying novel molecular targets for successful medical management. This paper examines and highlights the latest advances in magnetic resonance spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and other technologies in studying human brain tumour metabolomics. Read More…

Irfan Fayaz


Role of religion in posttraumatic growth among population exposed to armed conflict: A systematic review.

By systematically reviewing the connection between religiosity and posttraumatic growth (PTG) in populations affected by armed conflict, this study produced three key findings. First, it established that a relationship exists between religiosity and PTG in the context of armed conflict. Second, it found that religious coping may be associated with the development of posttraumatic growth. Third, it revealed that the traumatic experiences from armed conflict can lead to the deepening of religiosity. While the available evidence is limited, this paper emphasises that individuals’ religious and spiritual beliefs can significantly influence their ability to thrive and experience growth after trauma from armed conflict. Read More…

Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Bhavya Tandon & Ms. Samreen Chhabra