Research Bulletin

The Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences (JIBS) research bulletin presents an overview of recent research published by the faculty and research scholars at JIBS organized under different themes

Dr. Amrita Roy

Income-generation work programs in psychiatric rehabilitation.

This book compiles practice-based evidence from Indian psychiatric rehabilitation centers, and provides a closer look into stakeholder involvement and practices in starting and sustaining Institution-based Income-Generation Work Programs (IGWPs) in an Indian context. This book is highly recommended for those working towards rehabilitating persons with psychiatric disabilities.  Read More

Dr. Vipin Vijay Nair

The status of victim protection in India: Comparative analysis with international regime. 


India, in the last two decades, has observed many witnesses being hostile or killed in several high-profile criminal cases, such as, Asharam Bapu, Jessica Lal and the Vyapam Scam. India instituted Witness Protection Scheme, in 2018 and in its infancy stage, the scheme lacks experience, and a thorough discussion and revision is needed to reduce the victimisation of witnesses within criminal justice. The article critically analyses the Witness Protection Scheme, 2018 and compares it with the international regime to discuss its various aspects and limitations. Read More

Dr. Sucharita Belavadi

Social identity uncertainty during the Greek financial crisis: The role of media narratives. 

Two studies set against the backdrop of the Greek Financial Crisis examined the role played by the media in shaping political polarization in the midst of a crisis. Findings showed that exposure to ideologically discordant media messages heightened uncertainty about national identity among right- and left-leaning Greeks, while the type of media chosen (systemic vs. anti-systemic) mediated Greek nationalists’ positions on Grexit when uncertainty about national identity was heightened.  Read More

Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Bhavya Tandon & Dr. Sucharita Belavadi, JIBS