Gender Dimensions of Students’ Socialization In Secondary Schools In India

This qualitative study will investigate the nature and scale of gender stereotypes delivered to students through textbooks and instructors’ behavior and communication. The study will examine how stereotypes are internalized by students of both genders in India. The findings of this study will help in developing gender training for teachers and awareness among school teachers, parents, educators and students to overcome stereotypes.

Dr. Tamara Hovorun

Dr. Manjushree Palit

Research Findings

Data was collected from textbooks identified from 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grades. Subject specific books identified suitable for the study were science, social science (I, II, III), mathematics and physical science books, prescribed by the CBSE, ICSE, and IB board and also reviewed some sample text books from NCERT for CBSE schools. It was found that some CBSE board schools recommend others books apart from NCERT books. A first round of review was completed following the procedures for our pilot, after having identified content analysis procedure. Pilot inquires were also conducted about gender among school teachers in Sonipat and data was collected from two schools.

Current Outcomes of the Project

A theoretical and methodological aspect of the project has been published as a book chapter (collective monography book) as mentioned below. Hovorun T., Manjushree Palit: Gender in pedagogical dimensions // ISBN 978-9934-571-62-6 Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences: Development Prospects in countries of Europe at the beginning of the third millennium. Collective monograph, Volume 1.- Stalowa Wola, Economics College in Stalowa Wola Poland, 2018. 406p.- (P.101-121) (Engl) Abstract of the project was selected and published by the First International Scientific and Practical Conference. The abstract topic was “Gender Audit” and the Conference theme was “Imperatives of civil society development in promoting national competitiveness” and the same has been published in the proceedings of the 1st International Scientific and Practical Conference. Volume II, December 13–14, 2018. Batumi, Georgia: Publishing House “Kalmosani”, 2018. – p. 281–283. We have an invitation to publish a theoretical paper in the Journal “International Scientific Journal” ISSN-2313-75-25 and theme: Fundamental and applied researches in practice of leading scientific schools). We are working on this publication. Dr. Tamara Hovorun and Dr. Manjushree Palit presented at the “International Round Table Challengers to the Social Psychology Science in the Cross-Cultural Dimension: Ukraine-India” at the G.S Kostiuk Institute of Psychology of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine on 17th January 2019. Dr. Tamara Hovorun discussed on “Cross-cultural Dimensions: A comparison of Indian and Ukrainian culture. Her talk focused on comparative cultural notions of gender, patriarchal,and collectivistic traditions and implications for cross-cultural studies in this area. Dr. Manjushree Palit presented on the topic of “Gender and Intimate Partner Violence in India”, which elaborated on the social and public health problem of intimate partner violence (IPV), prevalence and resources available for the IPV survivors in Indian cultural context.