Vol. 2 | April  2023 

Internal Displacement in Benue State Nigeria: Exploring the Challenges of the Guiding Principles, Social Inclusion and Psychosocial Issues of internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

MSF has built shelters for families in Mbawa Camp.

Posted by Staff on April 27, 2023

Research Outline


A study of the Fulani herdsmen-Farmers conflict which induced internal displacement examined the persistent internal displacement and the measures in place to rehabilitate internally displaced persons (IDPs); the lived experiences, social inclusion and psychosocial issues of IDPs. Findings show absence of sustainable rehabilitation measures, lack of opportunities for social inclusion, posttraumatic stress, incidences of helplessness but hopefulness and adverse behavioural challenges induced by conflict and exacerbated by extremely poor living conditions. The research recommends targeted rehabilitation to reverse displacement-induced challenges.