Online Drive

Often, people make assumptions about growing old and how advancing age will impact them. Many times, these assumptions are fueled by myths. While we all acknowledge issues with the ageing brain and associated mental functions, it is important to underscore that there are positive aspects associated with ageing as well. As a part of ‘Eldbre’, we have striven to work towards breaking the myths, advancing positive information and most importantly, helping people understand crucial links between falls and brain injuries for the elderly. The hope is that through these efforts, we would have helped families to take appropriate precautionary measures to prevent falls and recognise the distinction between neurodegenerative diseases and brain injuries that could be traumatic in nature.  


In collaboration with Samvedna Senior Care (Gurugram), JIBS would like to acknowledge the recognition received from the International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO) and the DANA Foundation for the Brain Awareness Campaign. JIBS conducted a digital drive from December 2021 onwards where Team EldBre prepared digital posters (in Hindi and in English) focusing on various aspects of ageing. These posters were disseminated to our visitors through the social media platforms in preparation for the Brain Awareness Week (14th to 20th March, 2022). Our entire drive was focused on geriatric population.    

Online Activity 1 - The New Initiative

As a part of the campaign, Team Eldbre ran two online competitions. The first online competition was called “The New Initiative’ The initiative was targeted at encouraging the elderly to take up activities focused on adopting a healthy lifestyle. 22 families registered their interest. All participants received certificates of participation. And, the others received EldBre tokens.

Team Eldbre was humbled to receive messages from participating families:  


Let me begin by writing that this contest was wonderfully curated, and I enjoyed the entire process. Emerging out as a winner makes it even more special.I look forward to be the part of the EldBre event. Also, to the best of my abilities I will spread the awareness through the EldBre tokens.” ~ Shivam Gaur, New Delhi, (India)  


Im beyond words to hear about this. Since the topic was close to my heart, I had an amazing time working on the task.” ~ Klemja Ronghang, Assam, (India) 


I am thrilled to be announced as the winner for this contest. I appreciate the way Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences is taking the initiative like photo contest for spreading brain awareness for the elderly population. The posters that are being promoted are so much knowledgeable for common audience like us who are not much aware of the functions of the brain (especially for the Elderly population). I took time out time to teach both my twin daughters and my mother-in-law about the brain and risks about ageing brain through those beautiful posters.” ~ ANKITA SHUKLA, Jamshedpur in Jharkhand (India)  


Online Activity 2 - Draw a Brain

The second activity was called :Draw a Brain” competition. Through this activity, Team Eldbre planned to disseminate information about the changes that people may go through in the course of their lifespan. The idea was to encourage dialogues around the changing needs of the elderly. 12 people registered their interest. All participants received certificates of participation. And, the others received EldBre tokens that could be used for spreading further awareness about the ageing brain.
Team Eldbre was humbled to receive messages from participating families. Hand-written testimonials were received from a pair of twins who were only 8 years of age.
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Formal Launch

On 14th March 2022, JIBS officially launched its maiden Brain Awareness Initiative. The launch took place at the O.P. Jindal Global University and was addressed by our Vice Chancellor, Prof. C. Rajkumar. In addition, the Principal Director of JIBS, Prof. Sanjeev Sahni, delivered a special talk on Brain and Behaviour. The event was broadcasted on YouTube. Over 70 people attended the event.


On the last weekend of the Brain Awareness Week, Team Eldbre organised a Doctors in the House Event. This was a specialised series of talks where clinical experts and doctors talked about various facets of ageing. The registered participants and audience were provided a platform to interact with the doctors and experts. Our experts helpfully addressed the concerns and worries raised by the attendees. Over 70 participants registered for the series of talks. Some of these included registrations from overseas. In addition, a few registered participants have expressed their willingness to participate in a post-Doctors in House event quiz. All our participants for the post quiz have received certificates of participation and Eldbre tokens.

Team Eldbre was humbled to receive messages from participants: 

It was a wonderful event. The doctors’talks were very informative and well designed for lay persons.” ~ Dr. Sonal Agarwal, Prayagraj (India)  


I liked the information that was delivered as a part of the talk by Dr. Manveen Sethi. Her work was very fascinating” ~ Assistant Prof. Divya Bhatia, Jindal School of Psychology and Counselling, O.P. Jindal Global University.  


I got to know about the Doctors in House through posters circulated on the social media. I really liked the talks and they helped me understand the impact of age on the brain. This knowledge, I can now use for some of my projects” ~ Anannya Vaish, Class 12th Student at Delhi Public School Prayagraj (India) 


Dr. Yash Agarwal shared some great insights about ageing Brain and its impact on elderly. Dr. Panam delivered a great informative session with her exemplary knowledge about Oxygen deprivation and Oxygen therapy. Prof. Bala shared valuable knowledge on positive ageing. One of my favourite sessions was delivered by Dr. Mukesh shared who gave us some great pieces of information on the possibility of reversing dementia amongst the elderly. Ms. Rakhi Gupta from JIBS, O.P. Jindal Global University. 

Outreach Event in Gurgaon

Team Eldbre concluded its Brain Awareness Campaign on 6th April 2022. To mark the conclusion, an Open Day was organised with Samvedna Senior Care (Gurugram). There were a variety of events that were conducted for families and for the benefit of the elderly e.g. free hearing tests, sugar tests and blood pressure checks. These events were preceded by an opening talk that was delivered by Associate Prof. Neha Khetrapal from JIBS. Team Eldbre helped to coordinate other hands-on activities with the audience such as quizzes and paper activities on the brain. 44 registrations were received for the event and there were 12 walk-in participants. Discussions about the brain happened over lunch as well.