JIBSAT10 Events

JIBS celebrates a decade of excellence

Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS) held month-long celebrations in April in commemoration of its 10th anniversary.  The events reflected on the profound influence of JIBS in the domain of behavioural sciences.
On April 17, esteemed dignitaries, including Prof. (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor, O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU), Prof. Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik, Registrar, JGU, and Prof. Pulkit Khanna, Dean, JIBS, graced an event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the institute, underscoring the significance of JIBS’ journey.
The event brought together students, faculty, and alumni to share their testimonials, highlighting the indelible mark that JIBS has left on their academic and professional trajectories. A short film chronicling the institute’s evolution was screened on the occasion, showcasing JIBS’ commitment to excellence, innovation and societal stewardship.

Throughout the month-long celebration, JIBS continued to actively engage with local communities, non-profit organisations and government agencies, making a tangible impact on society. Read More

Film screening to commemorate Autism Awareness Month

JIBS, in collaboration with the Centre for Community Mental Health (CCMH), organised movie screenings at the JGU Global Auditorium to commemorate Autism Awareness Month. It aimed to create awareness about autism and shed light on the experiences of families with autistic children. The films screened were ‘Uljhan’ on April 24 and ‘Lighthouse of the Orcas’ on April 25.

A heartfelt and insightful documentary, ‘Uljhan’ is a JIBS in-house production that sheds light on the spectrum of hope and despair within families with autistic children. Documenting societal misconceptions and confronting stigmas, the film captures the relentless battle these families wage on behalf of their cherished ones. The film explores a mother’s emotional journey, a family’s intense struggle, and relentless efforts by ground-level non-profit organisations to destigmatise autism.

The ‘Lighthouse of the Orcas’ is a 2016 Spanish-Argentine drama film directed by Gerardo Olivares. Based on the novel ‘Agustín Corazónabierto’ by Roberto Bubas, it revolves around the story of a mother and her autistic child. In trying to help her son find an emotional connection, a mother travels with her autistic son to Patagonia to meet a park ranger and wild orcas.

JIBS students conduct sessions at Swarnaprastha Public School

The Center for Community Mental Health (CCMH) at JIBS organised a field visit to Swarnaprastha Public School, Sonipat. The event hosted an engaging interactive session titled ‘Friends or Foe, A Discussion of Peer Pressure and Mental Health’, headed by the JIBS student executives of CCMH. A total of 85 students from 9th and 10th grades participated in the discussions and activities.

Through presentations and real-life anecdotes, students were sensitised to the nuances of peer pressure and its impact on mental well-being. The session culminated in discussions on coping strategies and resources. Notably, pre-session and post-session questionnaires revealed a 7.1% increase in mental health awareness levels. The event stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and community outreach in nurturing informed, empathetic, and resilient individuals.

JIBS puts up a special display showcasing its work

JIBS organised a special display at the JGU Reference Library showcasing 10 years of the institute’s impact and innovation. From interesting books and articles to in-house JIBS documentaries and journals, the collection was a snapshot of the all the work done by JIBS over the last decade. Each item was meant to represent a big idea or an important moment in the JIBS journey.

Webinar on Specialisations offered by JIBS

JIBS organised a webinar on ‘Future of Applied Psychology: Insights from Community, Forensic, Industrial & Child Psychology’. The webinar delved into the nature, scope, and prospects of specialisations offered by JIBS under its M.A./M.Sc Applied Psychology programme.

The discussion was held on April 12. The panelists discussing the topic were Dr. Vipin Vijay Nair, Associate Professor; Prof. Neha Khetrapal, Associate Professor; Dr. Namita Ruparel, Assistant Professor; and Dr. Bhasker Malu, Associate Professor.

JIBS Memory Lane organised

JIBS organised a week-long Memory Lane showcasing the 10 years of the institute through various visuals. It celebrated JIBS’ journey over the past decade with photos showcasing its growth, evolution, and cherished memories along the way. Every image represented a tale of perseverance and accomplishment, from poor beginnings to astonishing triumphs.

In Memory Lane, JIBS also challenged the mind and debunked myths with Psychological Myth Busters board, which unravelled misconceptions and explained the fascinating world of psychology. It also explored the world of artistry at JIBS Doodle station, where students and alumni captured the essence of JIBS in vibrant colours and captivating designs.

JIBS celebrates Denim Day

JIBS celebrated the Denim Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness against sexual violence and victim blaming. Throughout the day, faculty and staff at JIBS donned denim attire, showcasing their solidarity and commitment to promoting awareness about consent. The events for the day included raising awareness through fun activities, panel discussion on victim blaming and self-defense session.

JIBS hosted a panel discussion featuring professors from law and psychology, offering diverse perspectives on consent and victim blaming. It also provided a platform for individuals to share messages of solidarity. The occasion concluded with a self-defense class.

Denim Day is a movement to support survivors of sexual assault and promote awareness around consent. By wearing denim, the JIBS community demonstrated their solidarity and stood firmly against victim-blaming attitudes.