Sukanya G


B.R.Sc. (Bharathidasan University); M.R.Sc. (Bharathidasan University); (Alagappa Open University); Ph.D. Candidate(Bharathidasan University)

She has two Master’s degrees in Psychology and in Rehabilitation Science. She hold a Diploma in psychological Counselling. She is a Registered Behaviour Technician under BACB (Behaviour Analyst Certification Board, U.S.A) .Currently pursuing PhD in Rehabilitation Science .All of which have given me a spectrum of understanding on psychology, counselling, special needs services and their challenges. She has 9yrs experience teaching students with all kinds of Disabilities, conducting training for Teachers, shadow Teachers, and Parents in an inclusive school in the Middle East, and working with students in college and University campus as Guest Lecturer in India. She has rich experience as a Core Trainer on RCI Projects and courses for Teachers and special Educators. She is skilled at competency assessment, reviewing and reporting.