M.A./M.Sc. Applied Psychology

The M.A./M.Sc. degree in Applied Psychology is awarded following completion of a two-year masters programme committed to the study and application of psychological principles and findings. The degree and instruction is provided by the Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences. The programme aims to instil the necessary knowledge and skill and academic growth, preparing them for immediate employers or Doctorate further study. The programme offers students an opportunity to pursue specializations including Community Psychology, Forensic & Investigative Psychology, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, and Child Psychology.


Community Psychology

The aim of this specialization is to prepare students to decipher relationships between people and their social or ecological environment. This stream will maintain a strong Interdisciplinary emphasis and recognise the contributions from areas such as applied anthropology, applied sociology, community health, geography, and the policy sciences Prospective students will further develop their understanding of social and community research by exploring the basis of social behaviour and social relationships Opportunities will be provided to engage in practical analysis of both local and international groups and communities with the help of analytical tools drawn from across the social sciences. Further, training imparted will also help students to develop awareness of the critical perspectives on knowledge creation and the development of analytical skills in research and practice. As such, students can expect to deploy the knowledge of basic social psychological processes for formulating.

Forensic and Investigative Psychology

The main aim of this advanced course in Forensic & Investigative Psychology is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the aetiology of criminal and investigative behaviour from a psychological perspective. By combining psychological theory, clinical practice, research-led teaching and hands-on laboratory experience, the program introduces the students to various aspects of the intersection of psychology and law. The curriculum is designed to meet the current issues in crime and justice and prepare students to address them from an interdisciplinary depth. Experts in criminal psychology, forensic sciences and criminology will offer lectures, discussions and debates around some pertinent modules.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The industrial and organizational psychology specialization provides specialist knowledge and hands-on skill to assess individual, group, and organizational dynamics in the workplace and apply psychological principles and theories to workplace settings to improve organizational performance while also enhancing employee well-being. This specialization equips the learners with the ability to research and offer solutions to acquire, appraise, develop, engage and retain talent better. The wide range of learner-centric pedagogies coupled with the vast industry experience of faculty ensures effective actionable learning. The industry-aligned curriculum prepares the graduates to contribute to their respective roles from day one.

Child Psychology

The specialization is designed to equip students with advanced knowledge and practical skills in the field of child psychology. This comprehensive program is tailored for individuals seeking to specialize in understanding and supporting the psychological development, well-being, and mental health of children and adolescents. It includes applied and theoretical aspects such as learning about intervention strategies, ethical and legal consideration while working with children, assessment and diagnosis, and conducting research on the population. The course would help individuals gain skills to become competent psychologists, school counselors, or researchers. Students will be able to address the unique challenges and contribute to the well-being of children in their most important years.