Centre for Leadership and Change

About the Centre

Established in 2015, the Centre for Leadership and Change (CLC) aims to contribute in making leadership more effective in a competitive environment, and nurture and inspire budding leaders. It seeks to empower and be the crucible of innovative ideas and individuals in the field to develop leadership skills and foster meaningful transformation in society. Future leaders are sensitized for growth of perspective by providing a platform where current leaders share their experiences through Leadership Summits and Panels; by organizing and facilitating Conferences, Seminars and Workshops on relevant issues; undertaking Research Projects and writing research papers, case studies and lectures. The Centre takes pride in successfully running its flagship 5-Day Certificate Course on Management Consulting Fundamentals, which is a good blend of theory and practice.


Centre for Leadership and Change (CLC) envisions to develop young adults into innovative, responsible and inspirational leaders to bring positive and meaningful changes in the society by establishing a platform of quality knowledge sharing, research output, and industry- academia partnership.


  • CLC aims to develop growth mindset, leadership skills, and ethical behavior among students.

  • CLC intends to contribute towards community building through its varied initiatives. 

  • CLC aims to bridge the gap between industry and academia by integrating theory and practice in field of leadership.

Core Values

The core values of the Centre for Leadership and Change (CLC) are: Integrity, Excellence, Social Responsibility, Inclusivity and Empowerment, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Congruence, and Inspiration.


To serve as a knowledge hub and crucible of innovative ideas through quality training and meaningful engagements between individuals and industry leaders from diverse fields.

To encourage creativity and personal growth by facilitating interdisciplinary research collaborations, workshops, conferences and seminars at national and global levels.

To explore internships, training, and experiential learning opportunities for early career professionals such that blend the research and practice in leadership by creating a network that embraces diversity.

Our Impact

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Our team

We benefit from the diverse professional and research experience our team brings from the disciplines of Psychology, Management, Conflictology, and Leadership.