The Psychology Musings

We look at Psychology not as a ‘science of cure’ but a tool for exploring possibilities, inspiring optimism, and making powerful contributions to society. How? By reading human mind. Want to have a look? Lets go! 

Looking for the Politics of Happiness in Contemporary Democracies

Do you ever feel estranged from your country’s politics? Do you choose not to cast a vote, or engage in political discussion because you think your individual voice has no power to bring about any significant change in the ‘system’? If so, you’re not alone in feeling this way. Voter turnout rates are declining in democracies around the globe.
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Beating the (Conun)drum of Life After Retirement

Many of us imagine life after our retirement to be a time for relaxation. A time when we would be free from all our professional responsibilities and live peacefully. However, some conversations with the older members of our society may burst this bubble of ours.
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‘Dr. Google’, the Substitute Physician in the Age of Cyberchondriacs

Remember the time you had a headache that wouldn’t go away and through internet surfing, you inadvertently diagnosed yourself with a brain tumor? Fortunately, the headache went away, and it turned out to be nothing but a low intensity migraine.
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Walking on the Tightrope of Work-Life Balance

If we were to count the number of times we complained about work stress on an average day, perhaps most of us would qualify for the ‘once per every waking hour’ clique.
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The Anger Bubble: To Burst or Not to Burst?

Out of the varied emotional challenges that we encounter on a daily basis, it is perhaps anger with which we struggle to cope the most. It can be assumed that this struggle lies in the intensity of the temptation that anger presents, for it is not the expression of anger that is the problem for us, but its resistance.
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The Smart-cut to Accept Change in Life

Change, as we know it, is the only constant. This is a truth we live with each day, and yet, when change comes knocking on our door, we often feel uncomfortable.
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Leadership in Organizations: A Journey Through Time

Leadership, as a concept, is as old as the human species is on earth. In fact, it is as old as life itself. Right from ants to reptiles to mammals to human beings, leadership as a trait in living species seems ubiquitous.
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Cyberfeminism: A 21st Century Outlook

The emergence of digital media has redefined the scope of feminism and allowed women to emancipate socially constructed roles through the use of the internet. Read More

Paying Attention to Biting Your Nails: Stress in Young People

Contrary to the picturesque scene portrayed in movies in which teenagers have their hair down and live light and carefree lives‒ young adults today carry more stress than ever. Read More

Self-Compassion: An Internal Urgency

As consumers of content in the 21st century, we’re slowly picking up the skill of consuming information consciously. We’ve learnt to set timers on our phones that tell us when we’ve exceeded our Twitter minutes for the day, we’re following mental health professionals on Instagram, we’re reading articles on improving our lifestyle, and much more.
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Embracing the ‘Radical’ in Radical Acceptance

There are several moments in life where we can sense a loss of control: of people, of events, of circumstances. We often tend to prolong our anguish in moments like these by attempting to “fix” or “solve” the puzzle before us.
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Assertive Communication: A Lesson in Valuing the Self

Oftentimes our goals are not achieved through ‘transformative’ decisions that we impose on ourselves, but through small, daily habits that we cultivate. For as long as we can remember,
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Why We Struggle to Keep Our New Year Resolutions: The Psychology of Habitude

oftentimes our goals are not achieved through ‘transformative’ decisions that we impose on ourselves, but through small, daily habits that we cultivate. For as long as we can remember,
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The Pandemic of Misinformation

It wasn’t very long ago when the pandemic took our sufficiently topsy-turvy world and gave it a plot twist none of us could imagine. But as plot twists usually go, this one too found its place in the larger scheme of the story.
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Cyber-surveillance and the Psychological Spiral

Despite the promise of cutting-edge growth and possibility brought to the table by an ever expanding cyberspace, there is little room left for the users to feel safe about the information they share- and many a time- information they don’t share.
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Laughing at Yourself: How Far is Too Far?

Often when we go about our daily lives, we engage with the things that truly help us survive, without really pausing to think about them, let alone acknowledge or savour them. We’re so consumed by our to-do lists, our meetings, our deadlines and other what-nots‒ that seldom do we stop and notice the taste of the very food that fuels us, or the weather that sets the tone for our day.
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A Psychological Icepack for the Examination Fever

No matter how many years of exam-giving experience we’ve garnered, sitting down to give another one of those always evokes some stressful emotions. Especially if the exams in question are a rather significant milestone in our educational life.
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